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ATM Simulator

ATM Simulator is a high-tech solution for various ATC areas controllers training of air and ground traffic management as well as of ATM systems utilization.
Different training configurations
Controllers group actions training, including all types of controllers involved: from taxiing and take-off to landing
        • Several controller and pseudo-pilot positions: remote tower, ground, approach, area controllers and pseudo-pilots
        • Practice at different airports in one session: training can be performed at a few airports at once
        • Separate training sessions at the same time: training can be simultaneously conducted for several scenario
            Quick scenario creation
            The whole exercise preparation pipeline is entailed and made in WYSIWYG fashion with the wide use of faculty approved "smart" tools
                • Real-data scenario generation (Eurocontrol, ARINC-424): create scenarios based on real data and statistics
                • Automatic flight plan generation: produce flight plans in scenario based on high-level parameters
                • Smart UX tools: use smart UX tools to tune the generated scenario
                    Quick installation
                    Simulator is easy to install and scale without any limits on the modelling area
                            • Scalability: add or remove participating PCs from the installation and change their roles easily
                            • Crossplatform: access simulator through Windows & Linux
                            • Whole world maps: train and practice your skills anywhere in any area of the world
                                  Simulator reproduces real controller working tools and environment
                                        • ATM system adaptation: adjust simulator to resemble your ATC system
                                        • Voice Communication System: use emulated radio communication system
                                          in your training
                                        • Standart protocols: receive radar, plans and weather broadcasts with the use of standard protocols (ASTERIX, ARINC, OLDI, AFTN, METAR)
                                        • Collision physics: experience real simulation of scenario objects physics
                                                ATM simulator
                                                Supervisor working position
                                                Point Merge
                                                Decision based on altitude
                                                Decision based on altitude
                                                Additional features
                                                        • Training supervision: use in-training supervision as well as ability of scenario recording and replaying
                                                        • Realistic 3D visualization and contact physics: observe both on-ground and airspace environment modeling and rendering produced using state-of-the-art technologies
                                                        • AMAN/DMAN simulation: train and test AMAN/DMAN tools for your airport
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