WebSim. Add a remote training capability to your training system
Provide your customers with the remote training capabilities
Get new sales tools that are available due to remote access to the training system
Reduce the cost of training system installation and on-site updating
Increase your training
system value
Provide the capability of training system remote use
Optimize your sales
Perform remote demonstrations and provide trial access
Reduce deployment cost
Install and update your product remotely
Increase your training system value. Provide customers with a capability of training system remote use
Get the opportunity to perform remote trainings via web browser on PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone

Group training support

User-friendly training portal
All participants can train remotely if your training system provides training in a group
Your customers have access to a convenient training portal with text and voice chat

No need to change your training system

Interactive error analysis
Transition to web is completely accomplished using WebSim efforts
Teacher has a capability to share his/her or student's screen to demonstrate made mistakes using voice communication and special graphical tools

Built-in billing

You can provide access to the training system as a subscription model or one time licence fee. WebSim is able to manage it for you
Quick transition to web
Our experts are there to help you conduct your product's transfer to web within one day
Optimize your sales. Perform remote demonstrations and provide trial access
Get new sales tools to provide users remote access to your training system

Demonstrate your remotely installed system at any momnet

Provide a trial access to your training system
Presentations of your training system to prospective customers are no longer limited to long distances, lengthy scheduling of meetings, and availability of necessary equipment. WebSim allows to carry out a demonstration of your remotely installed system through a web browser
And allow WebSim to manage the trial
Facilitate a decision-making process for your prospective customers. Provide them with a trial access to your training system
After your approval of trial access request, WebSim automatically provides customers with access to your product and limits it at the end of the trial period
Reduce deployment cost. Install and update your product remotely
Spent less resources on your training system deployment

Save time at the expense of remotely product deployment

Enjoy an easy access to the training system via browser
Just add a new customer to the list of customers to give them access to your training system
Configure access to your training system through www.train.your_domian.com

Reduce requirements for the customers' computers

Update your training system centrally
Web allows laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access a desired training. No more strict technical requirements for PCs your customer has to have in order to go through a training
Provide all or several of your customers with the updated version at once to save the customers and your company time
How does it work?
Set configuration parameters
When you access the WebSim portal, you create a configuration specifying a number of positions in the training system and technical requirements for the PCs on which training system positions are going to be installed
Deploy your training system
WebSim provides you with a number of virtual machines with the requested parameters for you to install your training system on them
Configure a training portal
WebSim provides you with a portal IP in order to redirect your domain to this IP
Invite your customers
Set profiles and emails of your customers to invite them to the portal
Expand your client base with your customers
With the help of WebSim user-friendly UI your customer can invite instructors and students and divide them into training groups
Done! Your customers can now perform remote trainings
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