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Robonomics 2018 highlights

2 weeks ago Simlabs attended Robonomics-2018 which is a summer school on mobile robotics and smart city development hold from 20 to 26 August 2018 in Togliatti, Russia. We used this opportunity to expand our network of contacts and enrich our expertise in blockchain-based technologies and the usage of unmanned aerial vehicles for environmental monitoring systems
The first session of Robonomics-2018 brought together engineers and developers interested in blockchain-based solutions for smart cities. During the second session, the more diverse audience had a chance to become citizens of that city and discuss, criticize and improve the developed projects. Simlabs joined several roundtables and testing sessions to delve further into blockchain framework for drone market.
The participants of the summer school touched upon a wide range of exciting topics. A representative of Scrypta gave a talk about the existing legal norms regarding the laws of robotics that have been approved by the European Commission. The audience discussed the translation of these laws (for example, the absence of any unintended harm to humans) to machine-readable code. Besides, CyberDrop company described an interesting investigation of how a huge cryptocurrency mixing service has been revealed. Moreover, the attendees had a chance to test a drone that can provide real-time data on the composition of water. The summer school was held on the Volga river bank which was a perfect environment to try this technology.
Simlabs are currently working on a project dedicated to determining air composition with drones. Together with Drone Employee and AIRA, Simlabs is going to further work on a blockchain-based framework for environmental monitoring with drones. During Robonomics-2018, the representative of these companies took part in a roundtable on mobile robotics and a creation of a market for mobile robots and UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management). They discussed various approaches to the development of a blockchain-based platform for the drone market and its deployment to the smart city created within Robonomics-2018.
In the end of the summer school, Simlabs had a meeting with Drone Employee and AIRA in order to discuss the opportunities for cooperation for the future advancements of the blockchain-based platform for services provided with unmanned aerial vehicles previously introduced and described in Simlabs' blog.

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